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Moulting - how old when they first moult

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Can I give a word of warning, our Ruby died as a direct result of her moult. :cry: She moulted very late last year (Nov/Dec), due to the mild autumn we had. She lost a huge amount of weight, got an impacted bowel (as a result of the weight loss) and therefore didn't eat for a few days, quickly killing her. I don't want to worry anybody, and I think it was a combination of unusual circumstances. But we felt so guilty, and wouldn't want it to happen to any other hens. This year I will keep a very close eye on them during the moult, and make sure they are fed up (lots of protein is important apparently, tuna in spring water was recommended). I just think you shouldn't be too complacent about how much a moult takes out of them. On a more positive note, my other hen moulted late summer with no problems at all.

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Our darling Vera has just started to moult (we have had her since last July) It is a bizarre site as her old feathers have lost colour in the sun so she is decidedly two tone at the minute :lol:


On the other hand Hilda who we got at the same time has shown no signs of moulting yet.


Will give the tuna a whirl tomorrow.

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