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Hi Everyone, We are in the middle of building our chicken run but the problem is that the place where it is quite low so all the water drains in to the run. So we thought of putting some smooth pea shingle down to raise the height, with a couple layers of wood chippings on top.


Do you think this is ok for the chickens?

Will they eat it? if so will it do them any harm?

Baring in mind they will be on a few layers of wood chippings (about 6") could it hurt their feet?


Thanks for any replies


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don't think it will do them any harm, it's probably a bit big to eat but if they can swallow it, then it's probably ok! it'll give them extra grit. I am no expert, but I shouldn't think it will hurt their feet either, especially if there are chippings on top.


You could always put a log or branch in there, for them to perch on from time to time, as well.

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I don't think the pea gravel will do them anyharm. It might make cleaning out the run a bit of a nightmare though! I think it might be difficult to remove the chippings with removeing some gravel as well.


Our run is on paving slabs and this makes the monthly muck out a lot easier and nothing can tunnel under run either. We just move the cube shovel up the bedding, hose down the slabs and replce the bedding.


Hope this helps,



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We dont mind doing all the hard things like cleaning out it adds to the fun!!!! We where thinking of using paving slabs but adding together our £150 weldmesh and paving slabs it started to get expensive since the area they will be in is quite large. Instead we are making a skirt around the edge out of sliced logs, its hard to explaine :?

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