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The first day

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Sorry if this is posted in one of the other threads but...


We're off to collect our 3 chooks on Thursday afternoon and I was wondering if there is anything in particular anybody did to make the move to the new home easier?


We intend to let them free range at least once every other (work allowing) day but would it be best to leave them in the run for the first day so there are all forced to get along?!?!


Are there any really special treats anyone gave? I read about Marmite on this website - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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We were told to leave the hens in their run for a week until they get used to where they live. This way they'll know how to find their own way home to roost at night.


Good luck with your new hens. We started out with hens in June and we are now totally addicted to them and would like more. Be prepared for smell and mess, after a few weeks you'll find ways of dealing with it and it's not a problem. What type of hens are you getting?

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Yes we were also advised to keep them in the run for the first 5 days. I've done the same with any new additions since. Once they are let out they seem to have no problem knowing where to return to at supper time!


Don't forget to post some pictures when they arrive - we love a nosy at other peoples chooks! :lol:

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Hope the first day goes OK!! You must be really excited :-)

I've got 8 more days until (green eglu) with GNR & PP arrive!!!


Would be really interested to hear how your first week with your new chooks go :-)


Hi Farrowy


We are all excited, in fact I think me and the wife are more excited than the kids. Our Eglu came last week, I've built it (the clips to hold the run together are a bit of a pain!) and have it on its bed of wood chips.


All we need now are some occupants!!

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