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Chooks for a day and an egg already!!

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I have a strange compelling to shout this from the rooftops...


We collected our 3 chooks yesterday and when we checked this morning there was an egg waiting for us. Its only small but an egg all the same! :lol:


We don't know who laid it :?:


Now I just need to work out how to post pictures on the website.

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How fab, it's awful waiting for eggs! Ours laid the first day too - within 3 hours! Mind you we had quite a wait after that - obviously that one was already in the pipeline!

And Couperwife, 6 eggs! We still only get 4 a day (only?!) from 7 chooks, two are only nearly old enough and one seems to think having laid 3 that she's done her bit! :evil:


Can't wait for a 5 !egg! day or a 6 !egg! day or maybe, one day a 7 !egg! day!


Mrs B

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How exciting, we are still patiently waiting to take delivery of our cube on the 17th August and we also live too far away to have omlet chickens.

I have been in touch with Garden Poultry who were very helpful and we hope to heading over to see them towards the end of August, what sort of chickens did you get :?:

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We are getting chickens from Garden Poultry too. I highly recomend it! :D


Yes, I agree they are very good. Great at helping you choose which birds you want, we went for 2 Black Rocks and a Brown Nick.


If the weather is still wet when you go, make sure you take wellies or a pair of shoes you don't mind getting covered in mud.

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