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how old before can go on grass?

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Over 6 months old. Until then they should be kept on the dried food they were fed at the breeders and after 6 months, 'wet food' can be gradually introduced, so take it easy and only put them on the grass for an hour the first day.


Bunnies have very delicate diegstive systems and don't tolerate change to their diet very well, this can lead to Gastric Stasis which can be fatal. They will still need their dried food, lots of water and hay too. They like a boring and stable diet with no sudden changes.


Please don't feed them lettuce - it has very little nutritional content and can give them colic.

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No, that's fine Jen they can leave their mother at the same age as feline kittens.


Might be a good diea to check with the breedr as to what food they use, so that you can have some ready.


I have found the Tesco wood pellet cat litter great for bunny litter trays too - it's non-toxic and smells good.

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Hi Claret. Not sure if you have see my other posts but I got Benji (he's my aviator on Saturday). I wasn't guaranteed a rabbit from the breeder as the litter hadn't been born and you can't advance reserve. I'd seen Benji a couple of times and adored him on site so on Saturday morning we went to get him. I have bought him a large in door hutch for now and am ordering him a rablu as soon as Omlet open this morning. He's a fantastic character very friendly. Likes chasing the scoop I use for cleaning out his hutch which is comically but does increase the task somewhat :roll::lol:


Will be posting photos as soon as i figure out how to :oops:



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