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Council Regulations

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It is a good idea to phone your council and explain that you are planning to keep a couple of chickens as pets in your garden and ask if there are any bylaws which would prohibit this. This is highly unlikely and they usually say that there won't be a problem so long as you limit the number of hens you buy to how much space they would be allowed, that you keep them clean and quiet (really this means don't get a cockerel as they are not allowed in residential areas) so that they don't smell or cause noise pollution and that you don't set up a business selling eggs at your gate!


It is also advisable to check your house deeds or rental agreement in case there is anything prohibiting the keeping of poultry and livestock in your garden. This is rare but some older houses do have this written into the deeds so it's worth checking.


It is not compulsary but it is a nice idea to check that none of your neighbours object to you having hens in your garden. Usually no one minds and they are often fascinated to see hens but just in case anyone has any serious objections, it might be worth having a word explaining that the hens won't be noisy, they won't smell and that they might even get some eggs every now and then too.


For more information see this topic.

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