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Mine eat wasps :shock::roll: They like brightly coloured things :roll:


Cheeky ate one on Sunday afternoon and has been monitored closely since, with no ill effect to speak of (not even stripy poo :lol: ). I couldn't stop her as she was in the fruit tree run and she is fast with flying things :roll: She did eat it head first though, wonder if this was to stop it stinging :?


Mine often chase flying insects around and then just pluck them out of the sky, I don't mind as long as it's not a butterfly.

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I saw a bumble bee land on the side of one of our girls, she took one look at it on her wing and ran off around the garden in a panic. I wished I had my video camera with me at the time.


( and the stripey poo!!)





I can just picture that happening, sorry i too had to giggle.


Well i asked as i hope to extend the run where they are but i have discovered a wasps nest, but maybe i will get DH to get rid of it first , just to be on the safe side, cant have anything happening to my girls,,

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I saw Abbie peck a bumble bee yesterday :shock:

She pecks anything out of curiosity, the other chickens, eggs, me......


It was moving its legs but I don't know if it was already injured, or just didn't want to sting her and die. It just stayed relatively still and Abbie got bored and walked off.

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