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Smartware - ovenware

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Does anyone else have smartware ovenware, I ordered them off one of the shopping channels as they looked great.......I just cant get on with them, does anyone else use them and is there a trick to getting anything to turn out right in them??? Everthing always comes out fine with normal ovenware but these just dont seem to be any good.......


Anyone else daft enough to buy them??? :wink:

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I havent tried them, and havent even see what they look like, but we sell the food instore with the smart code on them ready for the ovens, and i have been told by a few customers that they are really good,


Obviously our food is ready done to pop straight into the oven so dont really know about using your own dishes. x

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I love my silicone bakeware :? The first one was a present a few years ago, from friends who bought it in France, and I've added to it since, mostly from T K Maxx who often have random baking 'tins' for some reason.


The first time I used it I really had to fight the urge to grease it, but I have had no problems with it - think it's great. Sorry, I can't shed any light on why others are struggling with it!

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