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Summer Swiss Museli

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I impressed the hell out of my mother-in-law with this when they stayed with us last week, eat it out in the garden for best flavour :wink:

Please note this requires some forward planning......


2 tbsp unsweetened Museli Base (oats,barley,wheat flakes) or plain oats per person, soaked overnight in milk.


In the morning add plain yogurt (I like Greek) until it is firm porridge consistancy, then stir in any summer fruit you like, raspberries are partic good as they crush down and colour and sweeten the museli, chopped nectarines, strawberries and melon also good. I like sunflower, sesame, and pumpkin seeds mixed in too.

If you have a sweet tooth add some dried fruit.

If you have a very sweet tooth add some light brown sugar.


Hope you like it as much as my family do, bon appetit!

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I do something similar and I agree it's lovely. Winter variation is to add apples, raisins and cinnamon. For anyone trying to cut out dairy it works very well soaking the oats in water as you can make a type of milk from oats anyway.

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