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Dexter - update - repeated tonight!

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Has anyone else out there been watching this new show on Sky?


I think it is fantastic - anyone who loved Six Feet Under or Nip/Tuck will really like this too :D


Dexter is a forensic scientist who specialises in blood pattern at murder scenes.He is good at his job & is currently trying to hunt down a serial killer. Its become a bit of a cat & mouse between the 2 of them.


But Dexter has a secret of his own.

Since he was a boy he has had urges to kill. These have been channeled with the help of his foster Father into killing bad people - those who commit murders themselves, so Dexter is too a serial killer :shock:


It is a great show - a bit morbid & gruesome in content sometimes, & about as black as humour ever gets - we all love it :D8):D

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Dexter is brilliant! I find it so funny, I love the knowing asides. It makes me laugh in the same way Rescue Me does. I think to myself, I shouldn't be laughing at this because the situation is so awful, yet I can't stop creasing up. I just love it.

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Just a quick heads-up to anyone who missed this on Sky last year.


The brilliant Dexter is repeated on ITV1 from tonight , & it really is well worth watching 8)


I had heard it was good so plan to watch it. As we don't have anything but terrestrial, I get so behind with all the great shows. :(


I have to admit, Grey's Anatomy is my fave too, the herd123. I'm a McDreamy girl! *swoon*

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