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The Dogmother

I'm (sort of ) famous!

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We went to the library yesterday to return our overdue :oops: books, & we had borrowed a couple of Anthony Horowitz books- guess who has illustrated them (written in teeny writing on the back cover!)

So I suppose that means I know someone who is famous by default!

i just wish I could draw, paint etc. Hubby likes taking photos, last week in Keswick him & 3 others were at Castlerigg stone circle at 5am :roll:

They met a Japanese bloke there who had even slept up there in his car so as to up early.

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:lol: If I thought that anyone would pay money for them, then I would Tracey - anything to raise money for the BHWT.


Jules - he hates using pencil, paint and paper these days.. he loves his computer and does it all on an enormous, liquid cooled Mac!

I just wish that he had the commercial nouse to publicise himself more and be earning more money... he just takes work as it comes in rather than looking for it. :roll:

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