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The Dogmother

I'm (sort of ) famous!

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Phil's just done another book cover for Walker Books (a departure from his normal style); the back and the shawl on the figure belong to me.. the head and hair are from a stock shot and the leafy stuff is from Oxford Botanic gardens (hardly northern Pakistan). The shoot took ages and the shwal had to be 'just so', I'm still waiting for payment :roll::wink:




Out in September

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I think it is a slushy one.. I read the synopsis on the back and it sounded that way.


Not a chance Sarah :roll: he went racing off to work on it!


This is one of his others:



Most of them are photo-realistic, if you look at his www in my signature (site only part finished) you can see the sort of stuff he normally works on. Mainly book covers (Anthony Horowitz is a regular) and adverts.

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Nice pic Clare :wink:


I ended up in a book by accident once :lol:


I was hired as an animal handler for the day (ferrets) and the girl they had for 'the person serving in the pet shop' refused to handle poor little Toby so I ended up having to step in :roll:


I got paid for the half day animal handling but not the photo :lol:


It is a childrens school book French I think I must dig my copy out later and see if any of you have one :?

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Gosh yes Clare it was about 13 years ago now :shock: I was thin :oops:


I will dig the book out tonight but I may have to take a pic as Ih ave no scanner :lol: I think my boss would ask if I got the secretary to scan it for me and I don't want him to know I am in a book :?

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:lol::lol: Yes, and a few others too, but he was in pursuit of the 'perfect oak tree' and we all know what that's like; it only leads to disappointment :roll: Apparently, they were all right for different reasons - some had too much ivy round the trunk, some were too close to other trees... you get the gist :? It's his German perfectionism - goes into overdrive sometimes. He's photographing a tuba at the moment for some adverts to do with energy, it was a French horn last week... for the Volvic ad, he spent ages agonising over different fields of grass :lol:
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