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Hi Everyone,


I have just spoken to a very helpful chap called John Bryant, his details are below.....I was given the details from Hull city council, he has been deterring foxes for over 10 years and from what he was saying has a good rate of success, anyway it maybe helpful for anyone London area.......I have just been on the phone with him for over 30 mins talking about our reggular fox visitors.....He also knows about eglus and rablus :) and think they are very good for keeping foxes out


Fox Project


Main number

01892 514863


01732357355 John Bryant

07770 788566


Office number



He is based in the London area (which was no good for me) but he will do callouts he said they start from £65 upwards


Hope this info is helpful to someone, the main number is a recording (5mins) which gives ideas on how to deter foxes......

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Thanks for that link - this is an interesting, and thoughtful approach to the issue of urban foxes (I won't call it a problem, because clearly to many people it's not!)


I'm slightly concerned that they found ultrasonic devices ineffective- I'm due to collect my Foxwatch from the Post Office tomorrow! but I know they have had good reports on here.


If you want to understand a bit more about the fox, follow the link - it's well worth reading, and it does make the point that we can't just get rid of foxes, we have to learn to live with them.

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