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Oh dear, knitting disaster!

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Knitting is perfect for when you feel miserable. Can sit and veg but still feel productive!

I got the Elizabeth Zimmerman books for Christmas. She has some great tips for dealing with errors, although I had to put the book down in shock when she talks about cutting into knitting willy nilly!! :shock: Will have another look when I'm feeling more adventurous :D

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Have done a decent amount :D


Although I told hubby (via instant messaging as have no voice! ) that if my stitch marker was on my knee he was not under any circumstances to talk to me as that was the complicated bit.


What did he just do? Yeah you've guessed it prattled on when it was on my knee, whilst I furiously tap my knee looking daggers at him!!


I so nearly messed up again. If I had, he'd have been in soooooooo much trouble :evil:


I've put my knitting away now for today and he's poured himself another glass of wine, so I anticipate further verbal outbursts :x

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