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cluck and henry

Chickens V's Rain

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Please can we ask for some advice.


we have been told that we should keep chickens away from rain.


At the moment our ladies haven't come across too much but it's only a matter of time.


They stay in the run and we have a taupalin which covers half in the sun and pulls over the other half for rain. But they don't get much light. Is that okay? :?


At this moment in time, one of our ladies is on the nest. Could this be her first egg?


Thanks for all the advice you all have given us.

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I don't know where you got this information from - I have never heard it before.


Unless you have miniature breeds - some Dutch, Japanese, and Jungle rainforest decended breeds. (and not necessarily all of those need to be kept indoors in a steady temperature all year around), chickens generally, including bantams are fine in the rain.


Where I live there are hundreds of poultry farms and the chickens are out in all weathers.


Mine live in an outdoor uncovered pen with shelters from the rain and snow and sun if they so wish to shelter from it.


They love running around in the rain, and stand up to their full height with outstretched wings relishing it.


They stay out so long in it when free ranging that the look like drowned rats, but with a shake of their feathers (almost dog like shake) the rain runs off - they are waterproof!


See my www link below - they live as natural a life as possible. And chickens on small holdings and farms and other big properties are usually just running around in all weathers totally non plussed.


So long as they can find shelter in the Eglu or part of a covered run should they need to they will be fine.


In the gallery there are winter photos of chickens in deep snow.


Hope this puts your mind at rest

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Im sure I read that on some of the omlet information, but I could be wrong.....


Anyway ours love the rain, they all stand in the middle of the garden with the raining pouring down on them, they do look very funny though.....Isnt there a thread somewhere on here for a competition for the wettest hen???

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I don't know where you got this information from - I have never heard it before.


Ours love being out in the rain too, but I thought I'd also read somewhere that they shouldn't... found it !


"Chickens don't mind the cold at all but they prefer not to get wet" from Omlet's own care guide... http://www.omlet.co.uk/guide/guide.php?view=Chickens&cat=The%20Seasons&sub=winter

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