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Poor OH! He has recently started working from home and had a bit of a tough time today :? Gracie - head choock - got a mouse and the other two wanted it aswell, so there was a bit of a comotion going on. So he went out - in the p*****g rain I'm told - to investigate. Found said hen with said mouse managed to catch her - not something he's vey good at -and retrieve mouse but he dropped it so she got it again :x He retrieved it again and threw it out of the run, but then the mad setter started to become interested. Sorted dog. Poor mouse almost dead so he had to despatch it.

I managed not to giggle as he told me - feel very sorry for poor mouse, but the image of him chasing chickens and dogs in the rain does make me smile.

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Sounds like my husband and our (now departed) setter!!!! The setter was definately MY dog and although she was happy with other people around one look or command from me and she was all attention.


Setter have the reputaion of being highly strung and hard to train but I didn't have much problem.... as long as I wanted her to do what she wanted to do we got along fine........


I wonder what the setter would have made of the hens though. She was a trained gun dog so I can imagine her pointing at them all day long....


Helen in Hume

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I have followed the same setter training programme, as long as I let her do what she wants everything is fine. She is definitely my dog. She had an unhealthy interest in the hens when they arrived and stalked them up and down the run. All was resolved when they were let to free range and they chased her across the garden, pecking order established. Now she has a look of what hens? :lol:

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