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Chickens eating eggs

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Disaster! Freda has finished a mammoth stint of broodiness (again :cry: ), and Ginger has sympathised by not laying for a week or so and then laying a HUGE one. It's been a few days since then, and I've now noticed the remains of an egg pushed through the eglu floor bars. This has happened once or twice in the two years I've been lucky enough to be their mummy, but I'm now worried that this will be the norm? Most of the shell is there, but all the contents gone, so I don't think it's a calcium thing. I work during the day, so can't make regular checks to see which of them is the culprit. I'd left the igloo door shut during the two months of broodiness, and the random egg Ginger laid in the run was untouched. Could it be that Freda still thinks of the 'nest' as her own, and destroys all intruders, or is it Ginger rebelling? Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you cure it? :roll:

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My girls eat the inside of the egg sometimes, I don't know why but this week it has been at least a daily event :? it's a bit frustrating as the egg production is down at the moment, and I want to use all our eggs :D


I think I read about using a blown egg with mustard or chilli inside, it may be worth a go?


karen x

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Thanks Chocobo - another 'cracking' idea :lol: I'll see how I manage, and let you know. Not sure when the next egg will appear, I think they may either be having a rest, or hitting the menopause! When the eggs get few and far between, each one is precious :cry:

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