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I gave into temptation!

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I casually mentioned to OH that there was a poultry place nearby, that craftyhunnypie had been to, and with a chorus of "Pleeeeeease can we go?" from the children, we popped over to see what they had, and came back with 2 White Leghorns, now called Iris and Lily and a Magpie called Falcon, as she has an amazing hook on her beak :shock:


They are currently snuggled up together in the red eglu, and the other girls squash up together anyway in one eglu :roll:


I just thought 10 was a nice number :lol:


karen x

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Hi sorry to butt into your convo, but i have 5 chickens and desperatly want to get some more but the other forum i used told me not to mix old with new because of the danger of the new passing on illnesses to my original chickens, please please tell me this isnt true. if i was to get new chickens they would be from a desent place not likely to be infected....your views appriciated :?

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Some people observe new chickens for 1-2 weeks to check they are well before introducing. For example they could potentially have lice, as they can be healthy/well looked after and still pick them up, or carry a minor infection.

I've never waited before adding chickens though.

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