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Entertaining chooks in the run

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because the grass gets eaten up very fast in the run, i scout around the fence and pick all the long grass, and sometimes get some from the local feild. wrap garden plastic coated nwire around it, or srting and hang it up.


my chooks also all love savoy cabbage , i break the biggest leaves off first chuck them in, and then put the ball of cabbage in and they chase it around like a football biting chunks off it.


the cockeral likes to stand on it though so the girls cant peck it along.


we have also stuck garden canes through the run so that they have lots of different things to climb on.


Oh and i also hide food for them under things etc,

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Ah - you thread the bamboo canes horizontally through the run to provide perches? That's a great idea :D


Currently ours are roosting during the day on the edges of the washing-up bowl that was supposed to be their dust bath :shock:

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