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Endeavour/Aspen Crocs.... A Quest

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This morning I have trawled through 25 pages on google looking for a certain type of Crocs.


They have got to be Endeavour or aspen, black and a size 5 ( I would settle for a size 6 as I am desperate :shock: )


My feet are slowly dying a painful death at work in my kitchen clogs. After an 8 hour shift at work yesterday I came home in tears, it was a struggle to drive home. I have been searching for the crocs for 4 months :(


In another thread very recently someone posted about a jibbitz thingy that blocked up the Croc holes. If I could find out what they are and where to buy them I could also consider a pair of black professionals.


Has anyone bought crocs from a US site? How do you change the currency etc :oops: I know nothing about buying abroad :oops:

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Ali, our loc al garden centre has just had a new delivery of crocs, including black Endeavour - I'm going later, if you want, I could pick you up a pair, and post them on to you?

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Ali, if you are looking for Kitchen Crocs, have you tried a pro kitchen site like Nisbite?





I know they do Crocs, & I know they do black, but I am not sure which style they are,but I think they have no holes on the top, just around the footbed (if my memory serves me correctly)

Little Bro is a Chef & he gets all his gear from them,.I have used them a bit too & they are a very good mail order company.


Might be worth a go.


Or Ebay maybe?


EDIT - They are professionals, & are sold as pro kitchen shoes. That little bit of ventilation will be a godens in a hot kitchen!

You can't block these footbad holes with Jibbitz as they are the wrong shape........



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Thanks for the replies :D


Went to the site Helen, but it comes up as "not available" for black endeavours size 5 :(


Sarah, big boss won't let me have the professionals because of the holes :( We have enormous boilers and pans filled with hot liquids (feeding over 5oo pupils 3 times a day plus lots of staff) incase any hot liquids gets spilt over me :( I can understand why he is saying no, and I am the health and safety person in the kitchen :roll: The thingys to block up the holes wern't called jibbitz :? and some one posted about them saying they were for blocking up the holes when it rains :lol: I will have to search through the other croc threads.


Shona, I am gutted I missed your post :( I went to Inverness to search for the shoes there. No luck though :( If you go to the garden centre again I would love a pair :D I could put a cheque in the post to you. I will send a PM.


Off to find the thread about the rain blockers :lol:

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Found the post I was looking for. The rain blocker thingys are called Tungz. Emma (craftyhunnypie) posted about them.


Lookatmycrazyshoes have them £5.00. They cover the whole of the top part of the shoe not around the sides, so I could not block up the holes on the professionals.


Glad I found the Tungz I thought I had dreamt them up :lol: BTW if you do a "search" for crocs there are 152 matches :lol:

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