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Guinea pigs in omlet walk in run

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I am looking at getting some guinea pigs for school. My intention is to buy a Eglu/Go hutch which will be inside a 3m x 2m full height walkin run, so the children can interact with the pigs (supervised of course).


My questions are :

can the guinea pigs leave a year round outside? I will cover the run with tarps to keep it dry and provide shade, the Eglu will have the insulating insert when cold.

How does the Go compare to the Eglu for cold weather protection?

I am intending on getting four pigs, how often would the run need moving?

Any suggestions for holiday accommodation, I do have a go up run and house I sometimes use for my broody hens, could I turn the ladder into a ramp with sides and use the guinea pig base?


Many thanks

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From what I remember about guinea pigs is that they shouldn't spend their first winter outside.


When we had ours a long time ago, we kept them in the first winter and then they spent the rest of their lives outside with lots of extra bedding in the worst weather.


They only had a little wooden hutch - not sure Omlet existed then.

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Guinea pigs can live outside all year round, but you should get them before Winter so they can acclimatise. The one thing they cant do is regulate their body temperature so they should not go from warm to cold.


If you run is on grass, then with four guinea pigs it will need moving frequently they eat a lot of grass.

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