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dispatching poorly hen

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Oh my its the first time ive had to do dispatch one of my chickens but balti was comming up to 7 and hasnt laid a egg for over a year. She has been getting weaker and huddled up in the run, so today i thought its for the best to send her to chicken heaven.

I feel ok as this was for the best. My children now want to get 2 more hens..am i best to wait or add new girls straight away??? Im down to 3 girls now and one of them dosent lay anymore either. would love more fresh eggs as cant think of buying them off a super market shelf.

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there's merit in both ways. from the older birds point adding new birds straight away makes sense as it gets the pecking order and the stress sorted just once plus if you get POL birds now there's a chance of them laying either by the end of October or around Christmas time . plus there should still be a good selection about otherwise you'll probably have to wait till March April time

from your point it depends on whether or not you want time to 'grieve' I find intros can be easier this time of year as the days are getting shorter so there's less time for them to squabble

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Well off we went to get two more hybirds today, the kids were excited as i told them they could pick one each. Didnt have as many to choose from as the place were i go sunnyside poultry said getting to end of seanson, i would of liked a columbine but he sold out, so my daughter picked a white one with a neckalce! Her words when saying what hen she wanted and my son a black speckley both pol.

Put them in the coop for a hour before letting out in run my other 3 girls were free ranging in a bigger area all good till the white one got a worm and my girls saw her. Well they went for her so separated them.left my girls free ranging and my new ones in the run. 1 hour later i had a lovely small egg. Going to put them all in coop run tonight as thats what i have always done and hoping they will be fine tomorrow. Just sorting the pecking order out im hoping.

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