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Ten safe years and then two lost to Mr Fox

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In memory of my dear little friends Gypsy and Robyn

I’m so sorry I didn’t defend
My oh so trusting little friends
I talked to you when I was down
You always took away my frown
You’d cluck and coo and even purred –
I’d never heard that from a bird

What can I say, I let you down
When Mr Fox moved into town
All that’s left, a pile of feathers
Mr Fox you’re far too clever
I knew my girls could be your prey
But you’re not supposed to be about in the day
When I let my brood out of their pen
They’d follow me round like some mother hen
All that poop, and the messy lawn I’d pardon
I loved the way they enjoyed the garden
When suddenly girls you roamed too far
I wondered if Gypsy had encountered a dog or a car
But now I see scattering offered protection
A fox cannot run in three directions.

Mr Fox you can venture out at night
In their Eglu, my girls sleep tight
Many have slept there over the years
Safe and warm, with no fears.
So Mr Fox you made me rage
With thoughts of catching you in a cage
I hear that chocolate will take you out
I might be leaving some about
Perhaps I’ll campaign to allow hunting again
Those hounds would have you from your den
But I’ve been reading about your ways
Because I don’t want my last chicken slayed
I hear you eat rats and slugs and snails
If you’d stick to that diet, we might even be pals.

So from now on my chickens will stay in my sight
So please go back to hunting at night
I’m sure you’d rather be aloof
And this eatery will be fox-proofed
So go elsewhere for your fast food
And leave me to enjoy my brood.

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Thank you.  They really were the most friendly chickens so did feel I let them down, but we have never seen foxes in the day and I suppose I had got complacent.


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