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Its competition time :!:


On the thread titled AGE, I've invited everyone to


GUESS MY AGE :!::!::!:


A few brave souls have had a go but we need more.


There are lots of clues in my postings & I promise not to be offended by any guesses!!!!!!


Enter this competition now :!::!::!: Either here or at AGE..I'll read both.


And the prize? Well, there isn't a real one...but I'll make a donation to Oxfam for comic relief day........


JOIN IN THE FUN at my expense (the public humiliation I mean) and I'll post the answer tonight.

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No need to delete Sheila - i can cope! :lol:


I think people aren't guessing as they are scared of offending apart from the five of us who figure we live far enough away to be safe! :lol::lol:


So far you have:-

Trish - saying 39

SarahJo - saying41

Kate - saying 45

Nicola - saying 48

Lesley - saying 49


Any other offers? - Sheila is making a donation to Oxfam for the humiliation she is suffering :lol::lol::lol:

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It should be me that goes - I did ask Kate to delete me! I do apologise for being picky!


Blame it on being menopausal, neurotic, an 'obsessive compulsive' paranoid monster :twisted::lol::lol:


When I was 49 years, 11 months and 2 weeks I thought all this about turning 50 was a load of rubbish - I felt fine!


When I got to 50 years and two weeks, everything started falling apart. i really do need that Vet and a gun :lol::lol::lol:

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