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My favourite Christmas song !

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I love Christmas & I love a good old crooner, so I was delighted to hear a version of "Walking in a winter Wonderland" with alternative lyrics......


Sing along everyone!



Lacy things, the wife is missing

Didn't ask for her permission

I'm wearing her clothes, her silk pantyhose

Walking 'round in women's underwear


In the stores, there's a teddy,

With little straps, like spaghetti

It hold me so tight,

Like handcuffs at night,

Walking 'round in women's underwear


In the office, there's a guy named Melvin

He pretends that I am Murphy Brown,

He'll say are you ready, we'll say -Whoa, man!

At least until the wife is out of town.


Later on, if you wanna

We can dress, like Madonna

Put on some eyeshade, and join the parade,

Walkin 'round in women's underwear


Lacy things, missing

Didn't ask permission

I'm wearing her clothes, silk pantyhose

I'm walking around in women's underwear




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Reminds me of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer from a few years back!


Did anyone see the Chris Evan thing last night? He had a band on....er...what's their name......oh....er.......young band that did the Comic Relief song, It's all About You......


oh blast - it will come back to me,


anyway, they did a fantastic acoustic version of Let it Snow. I was quite impressed as I really didn't think they had much talent.


That's become my fave so far this year.

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I think you may mean McFly Gina!




I saw it too, it was a lovely version, but nothing can beat Bing crooning 'White Christmas', to send me into a misty christmas haze! That, or the Salvation Army band playing 'Once in Royal Davids City'.

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You daft boy! I've been busy missing Phil, who's been up in Newcastle on the razz with his mate :roll:


Missed the banter though, but we've made plenty of our own in your absence :wink:


We're trekking down to Kew, so you'll have to be there. Rosie has decided that she'll be in charge of entertaining the little ones :roll: so that should keep them quiet. Some of the Omlet lads will be there, so maybe even 'Simon of the Bottom' will turn up.

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