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Hello All


I know its been asked in the past but I cannot find the thread. How many chooks can safely sleep in the Eglu (not the cube). We are thinking of expanding out population and are building a run similar to some of those shown on this site, the run will be approximately 5m by 2m but we are debating how many chooks we can sleep.


What do you all think?


Thank you in advance for your help


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I reckon you can get three easily in a Mark 1 Eglu - and possibly even four but I haven't tried. I don't go for bantams, mine are heavy breeds, and I have had two easily in my Eglu, with plenty of space for one more at least.


I understand that a Mark 2 is bigger but I've never seen one so don't know.


Loads of room in a cube :lol::lol::lol:

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Well thank you all for your advice. We have added 3 new girls (one black rock, one speckledy and one Bluebelle) in a large purpose built run. They all snuggle up together at night in our Mark 2 Eglu and there is plenty of space for 5, we could easily have got 6 in there.


There were some squabbles on day 1 but all seems to have calmed down now.


Thanks again


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