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Children's indoor party ideas

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My sister is having a leaving party at the end of October because she is working abroad for 3 years and we have got about 20 under 5's coming over ! We are going to do a treasure hunt (hopefully the weather will be good) but I can't for the life of me think of any indoor games..... :oops:


Has anyone got any ideas ?


Thank you :D

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pass the parcel

egyptian mummies - get them in pairs, 1 wraps the other 1 up with a loo roll, prize for the best mummy!!

sleeping lions - good for when you want some peace and quiet

duck duck goose

what's the time mr. wolf (if you've got space)


or you could maybe set up a little craft table? give them cardboard cut outs of crowns or hats or whatever, and let them decorate them. avoid glitter, as it gets everywhere...

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Thanks for all your replies. My mind had gone completely blank and not having children it wasn't easy to remember !


One question though, what is duck duck goose and how do you play what's the time Mr. Wolf :oops: ? Forgive me if I sound a bit stupid, it's been years since I played childrens games (i'm 31 and that's my excuse for not knowing !!) :oops:


Thanks again !

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what's the time mr. wolf:

someone is the wolf, and they stand with their back to the rest.

the others stand in a line at the other end of the room.

they shout out "what's the time mr. wolf" and mr. wolf says 1 o clock/3 o clock /whatever.

the children take the number of steps he says and then ask 'what's the time again' - the idea is to creep up on mr. wolf before he can turn round and shout 'dinnertime!' and chase them all away.

guaranteed to produce screams of delight!


duck duck goose: I will have to check with the kids later, but it involves them all sitting in a circle, and someone running round the outside.

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I love duck duck goose - its extra hilarious when played at adult parties!


Children sit in a circle and one goes round touching them on the head saying duck or goose. When they say goose, the 'goose' has to stand up and the two of them race all the way round the circle to sit back in the empty space - the loser is the goose and it starts again.


We have another funny game called cats and dogs (sometimes chickens and cats :D ) where you divide the children into 2 teams. Each team has to search for previously hidden red (cats) or blue (dogs) objects. When they find them they do not pick them up but make the relevent noise until the 'owner' comes to get the object. We use pencils, balls, lego etc. The sight and sound of several children meeowing and woofing furiously while they wait for the owner to collect their find is fun to watch, but it is a noisy game. Beware - do not place objects all around the house/garden as you will be exhausted trying to keep up with the children, keep in in a confined space.

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