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We’ve got 9 hens and a little bantam cockerel living in a 1/6 acre tree covered area with a secure run and a cube for nighttime. 

We’ve always had some ex-batts and love them but there are now some ex-commercial cherry valley ducks needing homes and I’m tempted to get 2.

We have a spare omlet classic and the omlet duck house looks pretty similar, I’m thinking I might need to take out the roosting bars or cover with straw. And then get a child’s plastic pool for dipping in?

Does anyone have experience with ducks in classics or ducks generally? Does this seem ok or like a really bad idea?


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Not personally but I have a friend with a couple of Indian Runners (though no chooks) and they are very messy but terribly cute! She has to change the paddling pool water every couple of days - fine in the warmer weather but not so much in the cold -  and the poop somehow seems to get everywhere. Maybe, if you can site them at the bottom of your plot they will be OK?

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A couple of things to bear in mind:

Ducks make more mess than you would ever believe; they love water, so what comes out t'other end is (surprise!) very sloppy

They need to be kept well away from chickens; water fowl are the main vectors (carriers) of AI, and infections in domestic flocks are always mixed flocks of ducks and chickens. 


Drakes have very voracious *ahem* appetites and have been known to kill or seriously injure hens by 'over-mounting' them.

Ok, so that's 3 things, but advice to think very carefully and plan first.

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I have a trio of Call Ducks in with our chickens at the moment and have had chickens and ducks together for 10 years. They have a Go they can sleep in but always choose to sleep in the run :roll:

Ducks won’t put themselves to bed like chickens do so you might need to herd them in every night.

A classic with the roosting bars would be fine, I echo above that they really are messy but they’re massive characters and it sounds like you have space for them :D 

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