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Annoying cat in my garden!

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I let my chickens free range, and I’m inside but keep an eye and ear on them. The last week or so we’ve had an uninvited cat who has decided to annoy them. I don’t know where this cat has come from. Previously and years ago a cat came along and the girls stood up to it. However, this one comes along and scares them! Today, it scattered the lot and until I went out there was having a great time annoying them. I can’t stay outside the whole time whilst they are free ranging so at present they are going to stay in. Hopefully the cat might forget about them???!! In the meantime, I’m going to worm them as they’ll be in. Any suggestions? I could get my dog to chase it out, but then there’s the chickens to worry about, she’s really good with them walking around but if they go into no brain I’m scared, full fly around mode goodness knows what might happen!

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Thanks DM, I have a dog, I wasn’t planning on getting one just to get rid of a cat 🤣. This lot of chickens are rather an odd lot and quite disparate with no chief which doesn’t help things. With the cat, they all scatter here there and everywhere! I really cannot see any likelihood of them retaliating. Previous chickens have had a right giggle at cats that come into the garden and have normally charged cats. I really cannot see that happening with this lot unfortunately. Water pistol is a good idea, though it’s normally run over the fence when it sees me!

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