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Can they lay 2 eggs in one day?

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Can a hen lay 2 eggs in one day? I ask because I have had 3 eggs from them today and I have 3 chickens. Two Pekin bantams and a silkie which I’m not sure is actually a hen. However yesterday I only had 1 egg, so is one of them just “storing” them up and laying two eggs today? This happened again the other day where I can’t remember exactly which day but there was a day where I had either just one or no eggs and then the next day there were three. I check the coop every morning and evening for eggs before they go in. 

I mean the ideal situation from this is that the silkie is a hen but the fact that I get less eggs the day before suggests otherwise?

has anyone else had this? Do your hens lay 2 eggs a day?

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