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Mirrors - good or bad for chickens?

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Hi everybody - I have a mirror-related question for you all...

I've been struggling with a very lonely ex-batt chicken who lost her pal last Thursday. She's on her own until we get two new ex-batts on Saturday. She's been very anxious and has been crying a lot over the past few days - the only time she stops is if you literally go down and sit with her to keep her company, which sadly isn't sustainable for long periods of time.

I read that a mirror can work as a good stop-gap for lonely chickens waiting for new pals, so I put one in the run - it seems to have had a miraculous effect on her, but perhaps a little too miraculous! She's now spending hours looking at and interacting with the chicken she thinks is in the mirror. 

I'm planning to take it down as soon as the new ladies arrive on Saturday, as it will no longer be needed. But for the time being, what do you guys think about it? Is it a comforting stop-gap or is it likely to cause problems down the line if she becomes too attached to it, or if it warps her behaviour towards other chickens?

Any thoughts gratefully received!


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