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Keeping Quail in an eagle

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Personally I find keeping quail in an eagle is rather cruel and quite pointless in the keeping of quail... they don’t come out the way they went in... 🤣

keeping them in an EGLU might just work. I think you would just need to take the roosting bars out. Or get a rabbit conversion kit. Do keep in mind that quail don’t lay their eggs in a nest, but just drop them where they are. So if you have an extended run, be prepared to crawl in or get an extra door fitted on the side.

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Personally, I wouldn't - you need to be able to get into their enclosure or at least reach all of their run - Quail lay their teeny eggs anywhere so you have to sift through the substrate to find them.Ideally, I would use an aviary with a double door system as they are great escapologists.

Haha, cross-posted Cat Tails!

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I wouldn't keep quail in an eglu at all. I did keep them in a rabbit hutch and run for a while but had to pad the roof mesh as they jump when startled and hit their heads on the mesh. You want to be able to hose down the base of their run easily as they have smelly poo. I'd love to keep them again but would do full height aviary and ideally with air lock door. They don't fly but I'd second the escapologist as they can't half jump. Over a 6ft fence easily and onto the roof of next doors garage

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