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Water butt

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i have just been to let the hens out of their run, & there is loads of water dripping off the shed into their patch of "grass" (ahem)

I could run a gutter along the bottom of the shed roof (it only slopes one way, it does not have a v shape), & into a water butt that could stand nicely out of the way on the flags that are behind the shed.

How much should I expect to pay for one?

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Thanks for reminding me Jules! :roll:


I have to fit guttering to my shed, garage and outbuilding!!


You can get a water butt from Wickes, B&Q and Homebase for about £30, that does include a stand, lid, tap and tubing to run from a down pipe. I would recommend the set as the stand alone makes it easier to get a watering can underneath.

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Check with your water company or local council, they often have special offers (including delivery). We got ours a few years ago from the water company, I know it was cheap but can't remember how much now.


And it was extremely useful when we all lost our water supply during the floods in July - just the thing for flushing the toilet :roll:

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If you have a booklet delivered with your water bill, there will be info in there. I just had a look at mine but it gives me a specifice website for Severn Trent, as they supply my water. However, the site links through to this http://www.evengreener.com/ and it looks quite interesting.


You can also but water butt kits from places like Argos and Tesco direct, probably Wiggly wigglers too!

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