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happy batteries

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my spoilt chooks are looking so snug tonight.


They had a cake today which i made out of bread, chickpeas, sesame-pumpkin and sunflower seeds, organic cornflakes and mullet flakes.


think they liked it!




they have a HUGE layer of straw in their eglu, and a nice new layer of bark.


(sometimes their bed looks cozier then mine)



how is everyone tonight?

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Oh Kate, sounds like a trying day :? . Go pour yourself a glass of something nice and put your feet up. The forum's still going, the gremlins won't beat us, we'll all manage to keep posting somehow.

James timed his holiday perfectly didn't he :roll: Was this booked several weeks or months ago in the way of most holidays.... or a lastminute.com break brought on by his forum fiddling last week :?::wink:


Great to hear the update on the chickens Kaz- it sounds like they have a very comfortable life now, I bet they can't believe their luck after the rotten start they had as batteries :D

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I think I'm in love - seriously thinking of getting OH drunk again for the ragdoll kittens. It took 6 years and a bottle of wine and some beer to get the triplets. Wonder what I would take to get the cats??? :oops::lol:

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you need to get 2 ragdolls though :(


ragdolls need 24 hour company, and get very very sad on there own (most breeders will not let just 1 go, unless you have another cat).


mine are lovely, cuddle me all day long, and never bite / scratch


these are mine




and this is the ragdoll website


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