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Sour Crop

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Has any one had to deal with Sour Crop. In the summer last year my neighbour contacted me and said that one of the chickens did not look very well. She was sitting not feeding or moving that is the chicken not my neighbour. She brought it over to me and it was quite happy in her arms.That was about 4pm. I put her and the others not my neighbour to bed early but had to lift her into the coop. I was thinking she had eaten to much but did not know to any thing about it. Next morning she was quite active like the others. After reading about Sour Crop I think that was the problem. Happy Peter


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Do you currently have a chicken with sour crop, or is this a hypothetical question?

If it's the former, then you'll need to feel her crop, if it feels like a balloon full of water, and her beak may leak some bad smelling liquid when you pick her up. She may have sour crop, but the symptoms you describe could be anything.

If you have a problem, then let us know the symptoms and one of us can help :)

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