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Unsociable Chicken?!

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hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me.

Tikka died around a week ago and Masala looked so depressed and lonely we decided to get her some friends, so today we rehomed 2 which we've named trixie and gabby,they're Arauncana cross which we hope will lay blue eggs(fingers crossed.) we put them in the eglu and let masala out for abit then after a couple of hours we let them all out together and after squabbling and a few feathers flying masala kept shouting and chasing the new chicks round the garden until they were scared to go near her. Is this normal and will they all be best of friends soon??

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It's perfectly normal, they have to establish the pecking order! Masala needs to let them know she is top chook.


It'll settle down soon enough, I introduced 1 to my 2 a little while ago and now they are all the best of friends!


BTW I am Kathryn too!

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We had exactly the same situation. Lilly died, so we bought two 10 week old ISA browns to keep Tilly company. She hated them and pecked their heads every time they came near her. We kept the babies in the house for a few days as we did not trust Tilly with them in the Eglu at night. They had a little pen in the garden during the day to keep them safe and we got all 3 chickens together under supervision, several times a day.

It took about 4 weeks for them all to be friends and now they are inseperable, snuggling up at night and sharing dust baths in the day.

It was a bit of a worrying time at first, but it all worked out in the end.

I am sure your girls will soon be best of friends.

Good luck!



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