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I’ve been incubating some duck eggs for 14 days now. Ive been candling regularly, and all seemed to be doing fine. Today, one that ive struggled to candle due to its thicker shell, has developed a bad smell. And when candling I can only see a black mass. Ive googled what a bad egg smells like and form what’s described, i doing think its that bad. It just a kind of ‘off’ smell. As im a first time hatcher, I dont want to make the decision to revive the egg myself. 

I would be grateful for any advice, as it can be slightly upsetting taking out an egg that I’ve been religiously turning for days. 


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This is a very tricky call and having used an incubator only once I’m certainly no expert. But if the egg seems to be developing or look different to the others, and you’re sure it smells bad, I’d take it out. You don’t want to risk it exploding and showering all the others in bacteria.

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