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'Large' breeds with Hybrids

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Hello all,

Now, I know you wouldn't generally mix larger hens and hybrids with bantams lest the poor little 'uns be beaten up and harassed, but does the same rule hold true if mixing larger breeds with hybrid size hens?

I.E. Brahmas, Cochins and Orpingtons etc. with hens the size of RIRs and Leghorns and Legbars etc.?

We're (hopefully) going to have a 'propper' enclosure built later in the year ready for autumn which will allow us to have a few more hens, and Rich is quite taken with some of the larger breeds. 



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Thanks DM. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea anyway; I've been face-to-face (as it were) with Jersey Giants before and I found them quite frightening. lol

If we get a new enclosure, I think we're going to replace the Eglu with a bigger hutch anyway so we can have a few more hens. It's a shame Omlet don't offer a Cube Max or something; a large size coop that includes space for more hens / larger breeds. Actually, that might be a quite good product idea, I wonder how I suggest it.

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As DM says - careful intros are key.  I've kept a cochin with various hybrids, medium sized large fowl and pekins and bantam scots dumpies in the past with no problems.  We currently have a young cochin living with a mixed bantam group (one of the bantams reared her and they are very closely bonded).  In both cases the cochin was/is gentle with the other birds but because of her size, less likely to get picked on.  

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