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Hi all


Well, it's happened - we have our chickens! They were delivered at 10 this morning and have spent the day mooching about in the run. I've just put them to bed using a torch and some raisins! The kids have stuck with their earlier choice of names, so we have 21 week old Dora, and 19 week old Spiderman! Both are Gingernut Rangers.




Now, I know I'm probably worrying unnecessarily, but wonder whether anyone could tell me why one of the chickens (Spiderman) is sneezing. At first I put it down to the garlic powder I'd added to the feed, as she wasn't sneezing before I fed them, but now I'm not so sure.


Any advice very gratefully received! :)




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Most hens sneeze at one time or another, and like us, some do it more than others too. they get colds like us too, but you need to watch that it doesn't get onto their chest, so get used to handling your lovely new chooks, check them for any discharge from their nostrils and listen to their chest - if they start wheezing, then they need to go to the vet.


You might find garlic flakes easier to use - they don't clump.

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Congratulations on the new arrivals. Love the name "Spiderman". My kids named the chooks too and we ended up with the completely original "Henny".


I have a sneezy chook that I keep an eye on and she is fine (eats, drinks and lays well). One of my other chooks was sneezy some months ago, and after a few weeks of citricidal in the water (see Omlet shop) she stopped sneezing. I don't know if it was the citricidal that worked or just co-incidence.... Your chooks will be so facinating to watch, you will notice if she is OK generally or not.

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One of ours, Nugget, has sneezed since the day we got her 2 months ago - I hear her sneeze most days but I have had to accept that that's how she is, she always lays great big eggs and doesn't show any signs of feeling ill so just have to assume that she's a sneezy hen and it's more irritation to dust or something than to illness

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