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Stopped laying/Attacking eggs

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Hi all


I am after some advice desperately! Our girls have stopped laying all of a sudden (9 month old hybrids). We have had them just over a month and we have only ever had two of the three lay, we have consistently had two eggs since we got them however the last few days, nothing, then today I went in and there was one that had been smashed and the yolk gone. They have a coop and run attached and I also let them out around the garden for a few hours every day. They have constant access to grit and oyster shells and fresh water, they are fed Dodson and Horell layer pellets.


Any advice would be great



Anna :)

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They sometimes take a break in laying. So as long as they are eating and drinking well and acting normal, I wouldn’t worry too much. When were they last wormed?

They’ll eat any broken eggs. I dropped one in the run last week... it could have been an accidental break.

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