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What to do ..... with Bossie ?

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I posted 2 weeks ago about my ex-bat (Bossie) who I found with a prolapsed vent (some blood). I brought her inside, cleaned her up and she seemed to be recover.She laid a shell-less egg a while ago, but nothing since. Her vent leaks a bit - it always has. She is in a dog crate in the utility room but goes out each day to free range with the others (but it's only for about an hour).

I fear that if the prolapse happens again, the other 5 will peck at it and I/she may not be as lucky next time.

However, I think she may be getting depressed on her own??? She is drinking (quite a bit) but she doesn't seem to have eaten for 2 weeks (so how she has the energy to walk all around the garden I do not know). I can't tell if she's ill (I think not as she 'runs' around the garden) or just getting old / worn out ex-bat. Do older hens sleep standing up for quite a lot of the day ? I'm watching her on a web cam (so she doesn't know) - she seems to have her eyes shut a lot of the time but then perks up, preens etc.

So do I risk putting her in back with the others and keep checking on her ?

Any suggestions ? H

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If she hasn’t had the prolapse since, I think I would put her back with the others. In case of another prolapse, you should consider a vet visit anyway. So I think I would chance it, as it seems that keeping her separate seems worse than the risk of the others damaging her.

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What Cat Tails said and, as you obviously will, keep a close eye to make sure that the others are not picking on her. If she does have another prolapse, maybe it's time to consider the unconsiderable as it has clearly been an ongoing thing with the leaky bit? I know it's not quite the same but I've come to the conclusion with out hammys that quality of life is the important thing. So really do hope that she perks up.

The fact that she is an ex bat means that you have given her an extra lease of enjoyable, well cared for life which she would otherwise not have had so you must not feel bad about any decisions that you make for her, going forward.  X.

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Thanks both. She is now in the WIR with the others and seems happier. No pecking order issues as she was with them everyday, even though it was a short while. As her name suggests, she is top/near the top of the pecking order. Since I'm in Leicester, we're back in lockdown, so both home most of the time - so can keep checking on her.

Will bring her in over night as we can't supervise then - and they'll be sleeping anyway.

Fingers crossed the prolapse doesn't happen again - been 2 weeks, so ...........

Nice to have the support of this forum.

Thanks again, H

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Hi Everyone

I am very new to this but peep every so often. Fantastic knowledge you have all got learnt so very much.  Love to know your Views on this.

Right, my ex bat had a  prolapse I was so worried. I was a newbie so hunted on the internet. Nothing worked. I tried to push it back very gently but she was pushing against me. Her buddies were not interested in pecking her. My partner wanted to put her out of her misery so I thought I would try for a week .Every day I took a bowl of warm water and bathed her to remove the poo that stuck to her. I held the prolapse in as well as I could.

I would dry her and put on Sudocrem one day and  manuka honey the next day. I put her in a crate every night and out in the run during the day.

She is now fine runs around with her pals and looks great. I don't think she has laid any eggs since but she is definitely not in pain.

 she became so tame that she still runs to me for cuddles I just love her so much.

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