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worried about Molly in the broody cage.

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Molly is broody for the first time in 3 years and she is going absolutely bonkers in the dog crate that I usually use.

I only put her in it last night and we covered her up as it was bedtime anyway.

This morning she was relatively calm and sitting down but as the day has wore on, she is getting very agitated that she can't get out.

She is jumping up and down trying to force her body out of the gaps. I'm worried she is going to hurt herself.

I have let her out for now and have shut the cube door.

Tonight I will pop her back in the broody cage.

I have lost a chicken once before to the stress of being shut in the cage and constantly trying to get out.

I'm wondering if a cage with smaller gaps in would be better as she wouldn't be able to get any of her body out then. (like the little cat carriers)

Any ideas how I can make it less stressful for her ?


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Hubby suggested Molly might want to lay an egg so I let her in the cube.

I only let her in for an hour and she didn't lay an egg. She was just trying to trick me :lol:

I've popped her back in the cage for the night and covered her up again.

The silly thing is obviously hungry as I could hear her tuck into the pot of food straight away.

Fingers crossed she might have got used to the cage by the morning.

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