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Blind chicken Advice please!

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Hi all,

Would love some advice please...

One of my chickens has just gone blind, not too sure why. She's older and a rescue. I took her to the vets today and as she's in good health apart from this so he suggested trying to see if she can manage. It was also hard to tell if she is 100% blind or not.

She's currently in a flock of 6 who are on the whole pretty gentle. So far only the broody has been unpleasant to her.

BUT it's a big WIR... the vet advised creating her a small area where she can find her way and find food easily.  I'm not sure what the best option is, would love some help working it out:

1. To add more food/drink stations to current run so she stays with her buddies. But then it is a huge space so maybe cruel? But she knows it.

2..move her to her own small run (but then I don't like that she would be alone??? If I added a buddy I worry for them when reintegrating as I don't see her living that long.... it is a space she's been in before when we first rescuded them.

3. Section of part of the current run so she's along side the others but in a small space- really not 100% sure how.... I think it would have to be the back of the run, which they don't use often so is that too alien.

I'm really unsure what's best for her, I'd like to give her a fighting chance and some happiness in whatever set up though. (If she's not getting on okay then I won't let her suffer). I'm erring to the separate run, she seemed happy enough in there earlier when I was trying to work things out. But with a buddy? Or separated in the main run? Can't figure it out and don't want to swap and change on her!

Also Just any tips to help her would be very much appreciated..I'm able to give her water by using a running hose but food is much harder.

Thanks so much all.

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I had a chicky that was believed to have sight when she hatched but by 12 weeks I realised she was blind. Like you I don't know to what degree. She was free to roam with the others. I added different sounding bells so she could hear the different dispensers being used by other chickens and always kept the layout exactly the same as best I could. I made sure there where no dead ends where she could get stuck. She was able to get up on the perch her self but needed to be placed in the hen house. 

I think it is possible for them to have a good life and be blind. I saw a YouTube video of a guy that would take his blind hen out eat day and would find bugs and let it peck at some grass.

I just think that it will depend on your particular hens. I had no problems until I tried to introduce POL girls that had been reared by someone else. The new girl who landed at the bottom of the pecking order would bully her so she ended up having to have her own sections within the run.

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