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Our battery babes have arrived!!

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Hi everyone,


Just had to let you all know that we have finally got our beautiful GNRGNRGNR ! I picked them up from the BHWT yesterday!


They seem to be settling into their new home - they mastered the glug and grub almost straight away which was a relief. We had to show them up the ladder to roost, which caused a few flapping moments!!


To our complete amazement we awoke this morning to 3 eggs!!! although one was soft-shelled and broken. They are whoppers too- about 70g!!

Hubby had fun in the wet this morning showing them how to get out of the cube and down the ladder!!


After all that disruption I think they have done so well - we are very proud!!

They had a long journey from Cornwall on Saturday to Sussex and then another journey home yesterday.


Haven't they done well? :D




GNR Rosie

GNR Ruby

GNR Bessie our rescue chuckies


also 2 boys, Toffy (brown guinea), Weeto (guinea) , Ben the dog and hubby too

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Thanks everyone.


I'm a little bit worried now though - Bessie managed to get back into the eglu by herself whilst i was at work, which is great - but she has spent several hours in the nest box. She seemed ok when i touched her and rose up but her tail seems wet.

I put the other 2 to bed as they didn't go by themselves and have left her in the egg-box. Do you suppose she is ill? Is a wet tail a sign of anything bad?

Could she have been the soft-shell layer?


Any help much appreciated,





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