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How to create links

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How to create links:-


To make a fancy link to a website or posting, you need to follow these steps to make it work.


* Paste the url of the website or posting you want to make into a link.

* At the beginning, type in bracket

* Now type in what you want the link to say eg The Omlet Website

* You can highlight this and change the colour and/or underline if if you wish so it stands out more

* after that, type in and you should have a fancy link like this

The Omlet Website


.....broken down into pieces so you can see what it looks like...


[*url=www.omlet.co.uk][*color=blue][*u]The Omlet Website[/u][/color][/url]


The asterisks are in there so that the code shows up for you to see - omit them and don't leave spaces in your own links.


You don't need to make the text blue if you don't want to. I only do this so it stands out as an obvious link. To use the default green text that is associated with links on this forum, simply do the following, removing all asterisks and leaving no spaces...


[*url=www.omlet.co.uk]The Omlet Website[/url]


The Omlet Website

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