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Total Chicken Counter

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647!!!! :shock::shock::dance::dance:


I wonder how many are actually laying - 0 out of 8 for me :lol: Maybe we should start a "laying (!) chicken counter"... I'm having jam in my sandwiches tomorrow - I refuse to BUY eggs :twisted: That was not the idea - I keep humming "I haven't had an egg since Easter" to them but they haven't taken the hint :roll:

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Sadly my darling Åsa was killed by the fox last week so my girls are now confined to quarters in their run


So sad to hear that Omletina :cry: RIP Åsa


I've always wondered, what language are your hens' names in? The ones with accents (is that the right name for them? :? The circles above the letters).Your hens have very pretty names :)

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