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yesssss DH says eglu,

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:D Totally out of the blue. I had just shown him the pic of the little behive style wood one i was going to build, he just said mmm as he is not really taking any notice. I had an eglu last year and stupidly got rid of it, :oops: regretted it ever since especially as the gentleman over the fence has about 12 gorgeous chooks.
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my husband is so anti me getting chickens, because he always kept them when a child. however a friend came over and showed us the eglu. hubby liked it but refused to pay that much. anyway 6 months later, i have started making a chicken house out of left over wood.

my design is a copy of my old dolls house and will be painted similar


the first time he saw the start of the construction, he was shaking his head and blowing through his nose (disapproval)

tonight as i have got alot further, he took the hammer off me to show me how to do it (as if !!!. :x )


anyway because it is so solid (and pretty) and i am just about to construct the roof, he has suggested i sell it on ebay, and then the funds can go in the "cube pot".


but now that i've got into it i'm really enjoying myself.


wey yeh progress.

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That sounds like a plan Bertie. A bit of applied psychology there.


When he chickens come he will be claiming that it was all his idea. :lol:



Thats a bit psychic of you!!!! i am a psychology graduate



i think more so he will be embarrassed that i can do it to a very good standard if i say so myself (will post piccies when finished).

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