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I could cry......

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:cry: As some of you will know I am about to go on two weeks holiday and today I had to move my 3 ex/batts into their "holiday home" which is actually 3 pens from my cattery [now knocked into 1 [ which closed at the end of Sept after 16 years. They were not at all pleased even though I had spent all morning making it "snug and nice for them" they were quite subdued and seemed a bit miserable when I put them into it. I had to wait until Hubby got home at 4 o'clock to help me move the Eglu [not the run] into the area [i had given it a good wash out etc and it needed to dry ]

Well !! what a transformation when we started to move it in with them lol :D

We could hardly get it reassemble because they were all over it like a rash.....I had to keep shooing them out of it so I could get the roosting bars back inside and then get the top back on.


If anyone ever needed proof that chickens are happy in an EGLU ..they should have been here this afternoon to see my girls !! They are all in there now inspecting it to make sure it is still all the same as they remember a few hours ago.



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