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They don't know where they live????

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My purple eglu cube was delivered last Monday, and we installed it lastTuesday. Unfortunately the girls are a bit stupid and don;t know where they live. They only go back in the blue eglu, and we move them to the purple eglu every night. For the past 2 nights I've kept the blue eglu closed to try to tempt them into the cube - however they just stayed in the run - pacing in front of the eglu - shouting very loudly - so I gave in and opened the door - 2 minutes later they were all in bed.


How can I get them to go into the purple one? I'm getting 3 ex-bats for the eglu on Saturday so need the other girls knowing where home is by then?


Any ideas welcome,

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I would do 2 things.


First confine your chickens in the cube run until after the ex batts have arrived. The chickens might be a liitle put out at being confined, but they need to learn that the cube is now their home.


Second, either remove the blue eglu and run completely and put in a garage or shed until you need it again on saturday. Or cover the eglu and run with a piece of carpet, old duvet cover, something like that so the Eglu is "not there" anymore.


Hopefully by saturday your Bantams will have forgotten about the Eglu and be settled in their lovely cube :D

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I was going to suggest removing the blue eglu for a few days as ali-s suggested, but as tweety suggests it might be better to let the 3 new girls go into the cube & then in a few months when they've all sorted out the pecking order you might find that some of the old girls swap over.


I can't remember who, but one omleteer posted that some of her girls swapped over on their own when she got a second eglu.


Otherwise you might find that the new girls settle into the Blue eglu but the old girls really resent it and will keep trying to go in to turf them out :(


We're in the middle of introducing 2 new ex batts GNR . This is the second time round for us as we did the same last summer. Good luck with it all.

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Thanks for all the suggestions - we've now covered over the eglu to see if the girls are fooled into thinking it's gone - we'll see what happens at bed time!


Unfortunately we've built a huge run for the girls - 5x4M - so the eglu is in there with the run for the ex bats - and the cube is so the girls that are already here can free range in the big pen all day - hence I really don;t want to change the plan - I just want "clever" girls!


I pick the new ones up tomorrow morning - so we'll see what happens then!!!!!

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Success - well nearly......


Dhylis and Penny know where they live now and went to bed in the cube. Sylvie flew on top of the eglu run and paced up and down on it - so she had a helping hand to find out where she lived (we put her on the ladder and moved her up a couple of steps then she flew in).


We didn;t get the cube with the run, so only have one run on the eglu, hence the problems - but hopefully they've learnt now - although I feel they may have a shock this morning when the others turn up!!!!

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