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mites in cube

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Mites can be brought into the coop by the hens. They can drop off wild birds and can also be brought in with new arrivals. They feed on the hens blood at night and hide in the coop during the day, otherwise the hens would see and eat them. The answer is to clean the coop regularly (red mites multiply at an alarming rate) and look out for signs of them or their activity. They usually cluster around the ends of the perch, but are very small and it needs good eyesight or a magnifying glass to spot them. As you have a plastic coop they will be much easier to deal with, should they arrive. I'm not a fan of chemicals and avoid using them wherever possible; our solution to an infestation is a steam cleaner. We haven't been troubled with red mite for years now and if you stay vigilant they will never become a major problem, but chances are one day they will arrive. So in the meantime clean regularly and keep looking.

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The only time I’ve had them in the Cube in numbers was when I had a wooden perch in there. But at that time mites were all hidden in the bits where the divider between the main Cube and the nest box slots in, and underneath where the roosting bars sit on the base. Pressure washer and buzz busters and removing the wooden perch soon sorted them out and I haven’t had them since.

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